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We're Late, We're Late For A Very Important Date!

Oh boy, it's February 1st already, yikes! It seems like time is going by so fast these days but then it hits you, something big is coming. You're getting that nagging feeling you were supposed to do... something. Something important, something special and it has to be just perfect!

If that something is a surprise or retirement party, quinceanera or sweet sixteen bash, or even your wedding and it's anywhere near February 14th, aka. Valentine's Day, you're already too late to be booking flowers. Or pretty much anything else.

When it comes to booking specialty dates with vendors you will want to consider contacting them as soon as possible. If you are planning a Christmas or New Years Eve party for 2017 you should be reaching out to your preferred vendor list in September! It sounds a little OCD but there is no better way to insure you get exactly who you want to work with, what you want to purchase and at the best possible price. Remember that a lot of people are getting ready to celebrate those days too!

Did you know that the main reason that flower prices go up around specialty dates, especially Valentine's Day, is due to the extreme demand on the growers? These companies then pass the cost onto the wholesalers that we the florists buy from before we sell them to you. Las Vegas is also a unique market because almost nothing grows here for flower arrangements so we are at the mercy of the places that can grow beautiful flowers. While costs can go up and down in our market due to drought, pest infestations and the cost of fuel you can always count on demand to be the biggest source of discomfort in your wallet.

If changing your date is not an option there are ways to save money and the most effective ones we know of are purchasing early and being flexible on the exact product! This gives your vendor a chance to negotiate with their suppliers and to look for possible bargains. Even under the best possible terms you will want to be prepared to spend an additional ten to fifteen percent more than at almost any other time. Valentine's Day in particular causes product cost for florists to rise the entire week before and the week after!

If you are looking at getting married next Valentine's Day give us a call before this Christmas! Until then we wish you all happy planning from fabulous Las Vegas!

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