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Celebrity Planning Syndrome

Do you suffer from CPS?

The signs include binge watching wedding shows, buying every copy of any bridal magazine you can get your hands on, spending every other waking moment online creating boards and wishing on a star. You know who you are and we confess we love it too! There is so much to love and it is everywhere, all the time!

Unfortunately vendors like us often have to bring our clients back down to earth on budget. That is never fun for us but we are here to serve your best interests. To that end there are times when we have to say things are not practical or within the budget. In all seriousness the sky is truly the limit when it comes to what can be done with flowers as far as design goes but do you have or even want a limitless floral budget? For most of us the answer is no.

Most budgeting sites or charts will tell you that there are percentages that you should budget for you wedding flowers and most of them are wrong. We would strongly suggest that you plan for ten to twelve percent but if you know that you are going to want a high end look fifteen to seventeen percent would be more realistic. Most of the photos we are drooling over on social media are running upward of $15k to $25k or higher on flowers. We have priced out photos that would retail at $50k and beyond.

We get asked how much our average couple spends, to this we always say 'None of our couples are average!' with a wink and a smile! However, in this post we wanted to take a minute to break down some basic size versus cost averages because we get it, budgeting can be scary! Here is what we came up with from our files:

  • $900-That is what most small weddings for one hundred guests or less and with a six person bridal party are spending on flowers.

  • $2,500-Our average or median wedding which rounds out to about thirteen tables and a ten person bridal party.

  • $3,800-The average amount for roughly twenty tables and a twelve person bridal party.

  • $6,850-For higher end flowers and tablescapes on the same twenty tables and a twelve person bridal party.

Please note: These all included some type of centerpiece and ceremony arrangements along with the boutonnieres, bridal & bridesmaid bouquets. These numbers do not include delivery or sales tax.

We always ask our clients for any event what their budget is and we are often met with 'I never thought about it' or 'I have no idea what flowers cost' and occasionally we got no answer. The bad news is we can't set your budget for you and not telling us what you are comfortable spending can lead to endless quoting or feeling disappointed. The good news is that knowledge is power and going into your planning phase with your eyes wide open is incredibly helpful to you and your vendors! The great news is a great vendor can make a lot happen within your budget if given the chance!

Possibly the best news is that since we are an event based florist we can not only save you money because we have a lower overhead but we dig creating digital storyboards with our clients! This is a service we provide free of charge in order to see where you are coming from prior to every having a consultation which saves time. We like to call this a win-win!

Not gonna lie to you we would love nothing more than an unlimited budget to create that awe inspired, ready for film, dripping from the celling, floral walled, basically we are sticking the entire garden inside your venue wedding but alas we are still waiting! And that's okay because we love wishing on a star as much as the next wedding obsessed CPS sufferer!

Until there is a cure come get inspired with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter we'll be saving you a seat!

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